Renaming and tagging of clients

Change clients names and add more tags

What are the defaults?

Using the pairing method, you are not asked to give the client a name. The installer uses the local short hostname of the operating system to create the initial configuration.

Furthermore, a client gets two tags by default. The current country and city taken from the current public IP address. This might not be accurate and you may want to delete or change it.

Changing the client name and tags

If you want to change the name of a system, you must do this in the rport client configuration file. The configuration files is /etc/rport/rport.conf on Linux C:\Program Files\rport\rport.conf on Windows

Open the file with a text editor. Scroll done some lines. You will find the setting name = "<SOME-NAME>". Change the name to your needs.

Just a few lines below the name, you'll find the tags. Change them to your needs and save the changes.

On Windows always use a text editor that supports UTF-8 and Unix Line Breaks. Notepad++ is ideal. The windows built-in notepad is not the best choice.

Restart the RPort client

After any changes to the configuration file, you need to restart the client.

On Linux, execute systemctl restart rport.

On Windows use the service manager or from a PowerShell console execute: restart-service rport. If you prefer the old cmd.exe console, use net stop rport and net start rport.

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