The scheduler

Learn how to schedule scripts or command on a single client or on multiple clients concurrently

Starting with RPort 0.7.0 a centralized cron-like scheduler has been introduced.


Both, the server and the clients must run at least version 0.7.0 of Rport to use the scheduler. Updating all your clients is not necessary as long as you don't want to run scheduled scripts on them.

The scheduler runs only on the RPort server. Jobs are dispatched when due to the clients as regular script or command execution. All security filters are applied. If a client is disconnected, a job will not be caught up.

For a single client

Create a schedule

Click on the Commands or Scripts tab of a client. Enter the script or command that you want to execute. You can execute it right away to verify it's doing what is it supposed to do. To execute the command or script at a given time, click the gray Schedule button. Using cron syntax, you can then specify the execution interval. Cron syntax is used for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Supervise schedules

From the "Schedules" tab, you get access to the reports. You can verify the success of all schedules jobs.

For multiple clients

Create a schedule

Scheduling a script are command for multiple clients works similar to executing scripts are commands. Click on the global Command or Scripts icon on the main menu on the left side.

Select on which clients a script or command should be executed. Instead of executing right away, klick on Schedule.

Supervise schedules

Using the global Schedules section accessed from the main menu on the left side, you can supervise all schedules. Those created for a single client and those created for multiple clients.

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