Backing up the rport server

Perform regular backups

Backup script

Run the following script from cron to perform a backup of all relevant data needed to recover a rport server.

# Backup the sqlite databases
cd /var/lib/rport
for DB in $DBS;do 
    echo $DB
    sqlite3 $DB ".backup '$DB.backup'"
# Pack and compress everything
tar --exclude='*.db' \
  -cvzf /var/backups/rportd-$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S).tar.gz \
  /var/lib/rport /etc/rport

The above script is made for Ubuntu/Debian Linux using the default backup folder /var/backups. On RedHat and derivates replace by a different folder where you like to store your backups or create /var/backups using mdkir.

Make sure you copy the created backup file to some remote file server.

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