Install on Hetzner Cloud

Get your RPort server up and running in less then 5 minutes ⏱️ for less than 3€ per month 🤑.

Create a virtual server

  • Log in to your Hetzner Cloud Console.

  • Select an existing project or create a new one.

  • On the left menu select "Servers" and click on "ADD SERVER".

  • Select a location near you. Hetzners connectivity is excellent. Servers in Finland or Germany are suitable for any customer in northern or Western Europe.

  • For the OS IMAGE select Debian 11.

  • Select "Standard" as type and "Network (CEPH)" as Storage Type. CEPH adds high availability to your server. Read More.

  • Select the smallest size "CX11-CEPH".

  • Do not add extra volumes.

  • Do not add a network.

  • Do not add a firewall.

  • Do not add additional features.

  • If you have an SSH key pair, add your public key. Using a traditional password for the log-in is possible, but less secure.

  • Enter rport-server as the name for the virtual server.

  • Click "Create & buy now"

Install the RPort server on your new Hetzner Virtual Server

From the list of servers, grab the public ipv4 address of your newly created server.

Connect over SSH to the instance using the root user. If you have created the server without an SSH public key, look for an email with the root password. If you log in with a password, you are forced to change the password on the first login.

👉 Now proceed to Install RPort on any virgin cloud VM

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