Organize clients with groups

Put your clients into groups for a better overview

Create a group

To create a client group, navigate to Settings, and select Client Groups. Click on the button ADD GROUP.

Enter the ID of the new group. (This will be the group name). This ID will appear in the client list on the left side. We will use the id "Fileservers" in this example. Spaces are not allowed in the group ID. Optionally, you can enter a description for the group.

Next is adding at least one filter on the members tab, that determines which clients are the members of the group. You can use many criteria. The most command one is the client name.

Hostname refers to the local hostname of the operating system, not to the client's name. By default, local hostname and client name are equal, but if you change it manually, consider the difference.

You can add individual clients to the group by ticking on the checkboxes. Using wildcards is also supported. So, a filter could be "Hostname is E*"

With the above example, any new client whose name stars with "E" or "F" and whose IP address starts with "10" will automatically become a member of the group.

String-based matching is case insenitive.

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