Uninstall the RPort client

Learn how to remove the client

On Linux

To remove the RPort client and all logs and the configuration, execute the following command.
curl https://pairing.rport.io/update -o rport-update.sh
sudo sh rport-update.sh -u

On Windows

The RPort installer has created an uninstaller. Go to C:\Program Files\rport and execute uninstall.bat.
RPort for Windows comes with an uninstaller.
To remove it manually, open a cmd shell, go to C:\Program Files\rport and execute
sc stop rport
rport.exe --service uninstall
Delete the folder C:\Program Files\rport
🧹 Keep your system tidy.
Very likely, the rport installer has also installed tacoscript. Go to C:\Program Files\tacoscript and execute uninstall.bat if you don't want to use tacoscript independently of rport.