Connecting Clients

Connect client for remote management

Using the pairing service

The fastest and easiest way to connect a new client with your RPort server instance is using the pairing service.

  1. Click on the gears icon in the top-right corner.

  2. Click on Client Access.

  3. Select one of the credentials and on that row click on Install Client.

  4. Copy the command snippet of the clients' operating system to the clipboard and paste it to a bash or PowerShell console of the machine you want to connect.

  5. Click the refresh icon on top of the client list.

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How is it working

cloudradar GmbH - the creators of RPort - offers a free pairing service for any RPort server instance. Using the UI, you can click on "Install Client" on the "Client Access" menu. You will get a pop-up like this with a download URL starting with and ending with a random string.

The web-based user interface (not the server) takes the client credentials and uploads them over an encrypted HTTPS connection to the pairing service. A unique short random token is generated. Accessing the displayed pairing URL will generate an installer script that installs and configures the client with the credentials previously uploaded. This way, new clients can be installed in less than a minute.

Is it secure? 💬

Yes. The uploaded credentials are not stored to disk on the pairing server. They remain in memory for 10 minutes. No backups are performed.