Attributes file path not set

How to solve the “attributes file path not set” error


If you try to update labels are tags over the API or the user interface, you might get the “error client error: attributes file path not set”.

Updating attributes remotely requires that you enable this feature once in the rport.conf file on the client. This can't be done remotely.


Make sure the client runs rport version 0.9.12 or higher.

Log in to the client via SSH or Remote Desktop and open /etc/rport/rport.conf on Linux or C:\Program Files\rport\rport.conf on Windows with a text editor.

Inside the [client] section, insert or activate the following lines. Depending on the version, the lines are already present but disabled.

  ## A list of of tags and labels to give your clients attributes maintained in a separate file.
  ## See
  #attributes_file_path = "/var/lib/rport/client_attributes.json"
  #attributes_file_path = "C:\Program Files\rport\client_attributes.json"
  ## Alternatively you can specify tags with the line below if {attributes_file_path} is not set.
  #tags = ['win', 'server', 'vm']

Make sure one of the line starting with attributes_file_path is active (no hash sign # in front of it). Make sure the line starting with tags is disabled by putting a hash sign.

Restart the rport client after making the changes. Use service rport restart on Linux or restart-service on Windows.

Be careful when restarting rport if you are connected through an rport tunnel. The restart would kill the tunnel and rport will not come up afterwards.

👉 Follow these instruction to restart rport safely.

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