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Install the RPort Server

Use the fully automated installer to install the rport server in no time.
Select where you want to install your RPort server.
Usually it takes less than 5 minutes to get your RPort instance up and running. ⏱️

Some notes on sizing


The more clients you manage, the more memory you need. You can roughly calculate ~430 KB per Client.


Rportd does not consume many CPU resources. The smallest CPU on any cloud provider is suitable. Rport performs very well on a Raspberry Pi (armv7 and aarch/armv8)


Rport has built-in monitoring with retention of historical data. Each host writes ~16 MB data per day to the database. You can freely configure the retention period. If you want to manage many hosts with rport and if you require a long retention period, put large disks in your VM.
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Launch the RPort server in the cloud

The fully automated installer will install the rport server on a virgin cloud VM. ✅ Suitable for any cloud vendor. ❎ Requires a dedicated public IP address.

Install the RPort server on-premises

The fully automated installer will install the rport server on any Linux system inside an intranet behind a NAT router. ✅ Suitable for any Linux and the Raspberry Pi. ❎ Uses no public IP address or port forwarding on the router.