Install on Scaleway

Create a new instance

  • From the Compute Menu on the left side, select "Instances".
  • Click on the green Plus sign to create a new instance.
  • From the availability zones, select a region near you.
  • On Step 2 "Select an Instance" click on the "Development" or the "Stardust" and select the smallest size available. (Stardust is not available in all regions)
  • On Step 3, from the OS Images, select Debian Bullseye.
  • On Step 4 (Volumes) do not add additional storage.
  • On Step 5 enter rport-server as the instance name.
  • On Step 6 make sure your SSH key is listed, of not abort and go to settings, to upload your SSH public key first.
Create the instance.

Install the RPort server on your new scaleway instance

After the instance has been created, grab the ipv4 address from the summary page of the new instance.
grab the ip address
Connect over SSH to the instance using the root user. For example, ssh [email protected]