Install on Digital Ocean

Create a droplet

  1. On the top right corner click the green "Create" button and click on "Droplets". You are asked some questions about your new droplet.

  2. On "Distributions" select "Debian 10 x64".

  3. For the plan select "Basic".

  4. For the CPU options select "Regular Intel with SSD". (We don't need a high-performance droplet.)

  5. Select the smallest VM (1GB/1CPU(25GB SSD(100GB transfer) ~$5/Month

  6. Do not add extra block storage.

  7. Select a data center region near you.

  8. Don't change the default settings of the VPC network.

  9. Either select an SSH Key for the authentication or choose authentication by a password.

  10. Enter RPort-Server as the hostname for the new droplet.

  11. Optionally add tags or assign the new droplet to a project.

Install the RPort server on your new droplet

From the list of droplets grab the public ipv4 address of your newly created instance.

Connect over SSH to the instance using the root user. Usually, you must specify the private key created for the instance or the region. For example ssh root@

After the login, install the curl command because it's a prerequisite for all further steps.

apt-get -y install curl

👉 Now proceed to Install RPort on any virgin cloud VM

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