RPort Plugin

Troubleshoot plugin installation

Mandatory server extension

Since RPort Server version 1.0.0 the plugin is installed by default and it's required for the server to start. The below information is for troubleshooting only.

Install the plugin

The plugin is included in the rport server download. The rportd-installer.sh script cares about unpacking and putting the rport-plugin.so file into the correct folder. By default, this is /usr/local/lib/rport.

CAUTION The plugin is compiled for a single version of rportd. Always use the plugin file included in the download. Do not replace the rportd binary without replacing the rport-plugin.so file.

The plugin gets loaded from the /etc/rport/rportd.conf file. If you need to store the plugin in a custom folder, change the settings shown below.

  ## Rport is a required extension library for Rport.
  plugin_path = "/usr/local/lib/rport/rport-plus.so"

Restart rportd and check the plugin gets loaded.

$ service rportd restart
$ grep plus /var/log/rport/rportd.log
2022/10/26 15:31:40 rport-plus: plus manager initialized
2022/10/26 15:31:40 rport-plus: status capability initialized
2022/10/26 15:31:40 rport-plus: plus status capability registered

Configure OAuth

Please refer to the plugin 📖 OAuth documentation.

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