What licences does rport use?

Open-Source licence

Many parts of RPort and the RPort related components are released under the MIT open-source licence. These parts are:

Closed-source proprietary licence

The below parts are not open-source and free to use with limitations. Refer to the licence agreement for details.
  • RPort User Interface/ Web UI read licence​
  • RPort Plus Plugin (licence to be published with the first release)

Why isn't everything open-source?

RPort is not developed by volunteers. It's software with commercial goals. We – the creators of RPort – are convinced that commercial goals and open-source are not a contradiction. Big parts of rport will stay open-source, and we have no plans to change it later once rport has gained wide adoption. Monetization will happen through support plans and additional premium features.
As a young project, we must protect our effort against copycats trying to set up a business with RPort. That's why the UI is not open-source.
We believe the UI licence is a fair deal. In short: Unless you aim for making revenue by renting, reselling or commercially hosting (SaaS) RPort, you can use it for free without functional limitation.
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